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Analgesics / Anti - Inflammtory / Anti - Pyretics
Antiulcer Agents
Anxiolytics / Antipsychotics
Bioactive Food Supplements
Cardiovascular (Anti-Hypertensive) Range
Herbal Anti-Piles Preparations
Herbal Baby Care Preparations
Herbal Face Care Preparations
Herbal Footcare Preparations
Herbal Moisturising Hand Care Preparations
Herbal Pain Relieving Preparations
Multivitamin - Multiminerals
Oncology Range
Potency Stimulants
Topical AntiInfectives / AntiInflammatory / Corticosteroids
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The Organization

Oxford Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. was established in January 2000 with its Corporate Office in Mumbai and Operations Office in Moscow. The Company also has an Office in London for its trading activities in bulk drugs and to look after franchise exports and marketing of Formulations, Diagnostics and Disinfectants.
In 2003 another Company, Oxford LifeSciences Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated to enhance the Company's marketing activities in the rapidly growing Herbal segment.

Nature of Business

Oxford Laboratories is a 100% export oriented pharmaceutical Company. The Company is exporting to over 15 countries that spread across Asia and CIS countries.
Oxford has very good presence in many therapeutic areas, particularly in the Cardiovascular and Antibiotic segments. Also the Herbal Cosmetic range of Oxford under the umbrella brand "Herbextra" is a leader in its category in many countries including Russia.

The existing product range consists of:
  1. Tablets & Capsules
  2. Oral Suspensions/ Liquids
  3. lnjectables
  4. Creams & Ointments