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Analgesics / Anti - Inflammtory / Anti - Pyretics
Antiulcer Agents
Anxiolytics / Antipsychotics
Bioactive Food Supplements
Cardiovascular (Anti-Hypertensive) Range
Herbal Anti-Piles Preparations
Herbal Baby Care Preparations
Herbal Face Care Preparations
Herbal Footcare Preparations
Herbal Moisturising Hand Care Preparations
Herbal Pain Relieving Preparations
Multivitamin - Multiminerals
Oncology Range
Potency Stimulants
Topical AntiInfectives / AntiInflammatory / Corticosteroids
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Our Presence

At present all exports revenue of the Company is generated from exports to:-

a) Russia b) Ukraine c) Kazakhstan d) Belarus e) Azerbaijan
f) Turkmenistan g) Tajikistan h) Uzbekistan i) Moldavia j) Afghanistan
k) Sri Lanka l) Nepal m) Bangladesh n) Myanmar o) Kenya
p) Ghana q) Sierra Leone