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Analgesics / Anti - Inflammtory / Anti - Pyretics
Antiulcer Agents
Anxiolytics / Antipsychotics
Bioactive Food Supplements
Cardiovascular (Anti-Hypertensive) Range
Herbal Anti-Piles Preparations
Herbal Baby Care Preparations
Herbal Face Care Preparations
Herbal Footcare Preparations
Herbal Moisturising Hand Care Preparations
Herbal Pain Relieving Preparations
Multivitamin - Multiminerals
Oncology Range
Potency Stimulants
Topical AntiInfectives / AntiInflammatory / Corticosteroids
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About Us


The Board of Directors consisting of the following professionals from the industry with considerable relevant experience in all facets of business guides the Company’s operations.

Satyajeet S. Khanolkar B. Pharm. M. B. A.
Andrey N. Medunitsyn M. D.
Sumant B. Khanolkar M. A.

The Organizational Set Up

The Company has highly committed and competent managerial personnel handling Exports, Marketing, Finance, Material Management and other support functions.

Oxford Laboratories has own Marketing and Sales set up in Russia and most other CIS countries. The Moscow office of the Company guides the marketing and sales activities of the entire region. Apart from Moscow, the Company has Representative offices in Belarus, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan and is also in the process of establishing such offices in other CIS countries in which the Company has marketing set up.
(In a few countries, the Company's products are promoted through the field force of Distributors/Marketing Agencies)

The Company’s Mumbai office looks after all Manufacturing, Finance, Marketing Support, Regulatory, Administrative & Other related functions.

Quality Assurance

Company products are manufactured in WHO GMP approved Plants under strict supervision for quality. We believe that quality is not a virtue but a pre-requisite that we need to guard consciously at all levels and through all operations.